Canon 24mm f/3.5L Tilt-Shift


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Canon 24mm f/3.5L II Tilt-Shift

Retail Price: $1,900

  • A special-purpose lens that requires practice but provides impressive performance and unique effects.
  • Intended for use with a tripod - precise adjustments are required.
  • Tilt-Shift functions help control perspective and correct convergence of lines within your frame.
  • The optical tilt mechanism allows precise depth-of-field control
  • Adjust the focal plane by an angle of +/-8.5º
  • Parallel shift of the optical axis by +/-12mm
  • Shift allows you to keep parallel lines parallel, even if pointing camera up, down, left or right instead of directly at a subject.
  • Manual focus lens - no autofocus. 
  • Compatible with all Canon EOS cameras.


  • Architecture photography (Creates straight lines)
  • Studio photography
  • Tabletop photography
  • "Miniature-world" effects
  • Regular wide-angle shots with no distortion
  • Landscape photography

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