About Us

Bokeh Fire Lens Rentals is proudly based in Philadelphia.  We make it super easy to use great photography gear - check out our awesome lenses!


Our Story

Years ago, a young photographer got tired of saving all his money to buy lenses. Quality lenses were expensive, and he never knew which one to choose. There had to be a better way - a way for photographers to use professional gear without going broke. Bokeh Fire was born. The mission: to provide all photographers with simple, affordable rentals of high quality DSLR lenses. Bokeh Fire is still the only online subscription lens rental service.  

Today, we rent lenses for Canon and Nikon cameras to photographers all over the US. Our unique monthly rentals allow us to be much more affordable while providing the same great lenses to our Members. We are happily based in Philadelphia, PA and we ship all over the continental US, because everyone should be able to use great lenses. 

Our Name

'Bokeh' is the blur created when something is out of focus.  It is what makes a subject really stand out against a background. High-quality lenses (particularly those with a wide maximum aperture) create better bokeh, and therefore better photos.  

"Fire" describes our passion for photography.  Seeing great photographs and helping people create them is immensely inspiring and drives our philosophy. The desire to create unique, lasting photographs is our own personal fire.  We share this passion with you and that's why we strive to provide you with great lenses that expand your photographic horizons. 

Our Team

The Bokeh Fire team is 100% composed of professional photographers with a passion for great gear and quality lenses.  We are based in Philadelphia but hail from around the country and even around the world, and are happy to talk about lenses any time! 

Our Community

Bokeh Fire Members form a vibrant photographic community across the US. Check out our Facebook and Instagram for News, Updates and daily Photography inspiration.

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