Foto By Freas October 04 2014, 3 Comments

Shot with: Nikon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G

Photographer: Michael Freas (Foto By Freas) (Website / Facebook)

Why did you choose this lens? I chose the Nikon 10-24mm because of its wide angle, crisp detail, and performance.   

Tell us about the getting the shot: While on a property shoot, I ventured out to the patio to get a shot of the property for sunset. After getting what I needed I decided to grab some shots for myself. The Key West sunset is known worldwide. It brings you back down to earth, and makes you appreciate sunset.  This photo is a mixture of techniques, with old school blending/bracketing. This is actually 9 different exposures, all blended together. Key West is Paradise. Come visit. Its always 5 o’clock down here!