Amira K Photography May 25 2014, 0 Comments

Shot with: Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Photographer: Amira K  (Website / Facebook)

Aperture:  5.6, the widest opening I could get at this zoom range to let in lots of light. 

Shutter Speed:  1/200 sec. It was a bright day and I wanted to make sure I get the lady under the tree as sharp as possible, she was my main target in the picture.  Also, with a long lens, I had to make sure there was no blur. 

Why did you choose this lens?: You can’t go wrong with a telephoto lens while travelling. I first got my 70-300mm for a Safari trip in Africa but before I knew it I started using it to shoot people on the street. Now I don’t go on a trip without it.  It’s helps you get that up-close, emotional picture without disturbing people. If it wasn’t for this lens I would’ve not been able to get most of the spontaneous, moving portraits I got on my last trip. You point your camera at someone and they lose the wrinkles on their face, their worried emotions.  All you get is happy smiles. This lens was a blast during my trip last year through 15 countries.

Tell us about the getting the shot: I was in Japan during the cherry blossom festival. People were celebrating everywhere under the blossom trees.  I wanted to capture a unique, post-impressionist image like a Van Gogh painting.  But I couldn’t find a good unique shot - everything looked the same to me. Then a friend invited us to 13th floor apartment.  I went out into the balcony to try to get few shots downs on the street; and then I spotted this lady.  She was sitting on alone on a bench waiting under a cheery blossom tree. This was one of the best shots I took on my trip, and my favorite photo.  I called it “That day, waiting so long” but it should really be called “The shot that I waited so long for.”  My advice: Never leave on a trip without a long zoom lens you always need it no matter what you think.