Wide-Angle Lenses December 18 2013, 0 Comments

Ever wonder why you would use a very wide-angle lens?  Simple: They capture everything!  

In this photo, the wide angle lens used (Canon 16-35mm) captures an extremely wide field of view, showing everything from the road, to the riders, to the buildings in the distance. When you're close to your subject, such a wide angle of view is only possible with a wide angle lens. Wide-angle lenses are useful in several types of shooting scenarios and are sometimes the only lens that will get the shot in these cases:

  • Indoors: Group photos, tight spaces, real estate photography, churches, architecture, nightclubs and more.
  • Outdoors: Wide landscape shots, cityscapes, night sky photography, skyscraper view shots, outdoor markets, street photography, crowds, etc...
  • Inside vehicles (buses, trains, cars, airplanes - you name it!

We've got a couple different wide-angle lenses available for both Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras:

Basic Wide Angle Lenses: Nikon 10-24mmCanon 17-85mm

Pro Wide Angle Lenses: Nikon 14-24mmCanon 16-35mm

The possibilities are endless, so get one today and try some wide-angle photography!