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Bokeh Fire Lens Rentals - Lens Rentals

Lens Rental Made Easy 

How It Works



    SHOP: Pick a Lens
       Choose from our hand-selected Canon & Nikon lenses.
       Reserve your lens by purchasing a Membership.  

    SHIP: Free Shipping or Local Pickup 
       Free Priority shipping. Get your lens in 3-7 days.
       Or pickup (in Philadelphia) and get it faster.

    SHOOT: Keep As Long As You Like
       No return dates. No late fees. Keep it as long as you want.

    SWAP: Switch Lenses For Free
       When you're done, swap lenses - for free.


Renting is Better
Why spend tons of money for one lens when you can use all of them for less? Use dozens of great lenses for one low price.

Only the Best
Don't waste endless hours reading reviews to find the right lens. We've already selected only the best ones. Use our Lens Recommender to find yours!

No More Late Fees
No one likes late fees - or return dates. So we got rid of them. Keep your lens as long as you want - it's that simple.  


We do our best to keep things simple. But if you have questions, please contact us - we'd love to hear from you. Really.